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SD-WAN: Helping Businesses Achieve Reliable Voice and Data Quality

Built for organizations requiring reliable, high-quality voice capabilities, SD-WAN optimizes existing bandwidth to prioritize the highest VoIP applications and data transmissions. The result? Enhanced call quality, improved reliability and stability, and simplified day-to-day operation and management of VoIP and data systems.

In addition to functional benefits and significant voice quality enhancement, SD-WAN provides Administrators with visibility and control necessary for swift resolution of voice and network quality issues, whether managing a single network or multiple distributed locations.

How SD-WAN Works

Our SD-WAN solution optimizes voice traffic and mitigates degradation of voice quality by creating and transmitting duplicate packets over a specialized route, aimed at reducing data packet loss within your network. Moreover, it optimizes voice and data traffic organization-wide and across multiple networks by monitoring bandwidth usage across both voice and data traffic, and allocating bandwidth as required based on preselected policies and priorities.

Some additional features and benefits provided by SD-WAN include:

  • Intelligent Routing & Path Selection: When sending voice packets, SD-WAN establishes specialized tunnels between your edge device and the data center, isolating traffic to ensure end-to-end voice service quality.
  • Dynamic Multi-path Optimization: SD-WAN promptly detects failures or service degradation issues such as high latency, packet loss, or jitter over any WAN circuit, and seamlessly switches to more reliable circuits without affecting live call quality.
  • Distributed Network Optimization: SD-WAN manages and optimizes connections between disparate locations and distributed networks, ensuring consistent quality across locations. Administrators can apply configurations uniformly across the network without needing to log in to each site individually.
  • Troubleshooting: SD-WAN provides Administrators with a centralized view of the entire network and enables them to easily capture packets and conduct in-depth analysis as required.
  • Deep-Packet Inspection: SD-WAN offers traffic analysis capabilities to detect applications being used on the network, providing Administrators with visibility into bandwidth usage at any given time.

Who Can Benefit From SD-WAN

SD-WAN is an ideal solution for any organization needing to prioritize voice applications, particularly those with limited bandwidth capacities requiring reliable voice and data quality. It is particularly advantageous for organizations with remote workers, multiple locations or branches, and workflows relying on various network types or distributed networks. Furthermore, it benefits organizations with bandwidth constraints necessitating reliability and stability for both VoIP and standard data.

Whether managing VoIP systems for an organization with high voice availability and quality needs or setting up a new network for a highly distributed organization with multiple locations, SD-WAN simplifies the day-to-day operation and management of these systems, making them more efficient and manageable.


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