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5 Pain Points UCaaS Solves for Your Business

Simplifying your business takes deliberate action to achieve. You have built an organism that needs constant attention and refinement. UCaaS is one of the refinements that can take your business operation from good to great. For 2024, the UCaaS market is estimated to be US $36.33 billion, and by 2032 hit an astonishing US $107.51 billion. The whole market sees the simplification of business communication as a huge benefit, and after we go through some of the benefits, so will you.  

What is UCaaS?

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is a cloud-based communication system that integrates calls, messaging, email, and cell phone apps into one system that can be accessed from anywhere. Instead of having disparate systems that don't talk to each other, which causes inefficiencies all over the place, you get a clean and compact system that manages your communication flow.  

Why Does My Business Need UCaaS

One of the biggest productivity killers and reasons employees leave is inadequate software. According to the Harvard Business Review, employees are 230 percent more engaged and 85 percent more likely to stay beyond three years in their jobs if they feel they have technology that supports them at work, and UCaaS solves this pain point.  

It would be best if you had software and workflows that make employees' jobs as easy as possible so they can spend the time doing what needs to be done for your customers. They will spend less time searching through different systems trying to locate that one document and more time being the reassuring voice on the phone for a customer in crisis.  

Pain Points Solved with UCaaS

Solving UCaaS pain points involves streamlining workflows. Work is not the same as it was ten years ago; customers demand an updated and personalized way of interacting with a business. A recent Salesforce report shows that 73 percent of customers expect better personalization as technology advances. Meeting your customers where they are will make a world of difference.  

Inefficient Collaboration and Productivity  

Shared knowledge is everything. The keeper of knowledge should be within a system that everyone has access to, not in that one employee's head who keeps it to themselves and expects others to come and ask them for it. That is a terrible way to run anything, and a pain point that dissolves with UCaaS. No matter who or where you are, customer information should be accessible.

Various forms of collaboration make UCaaS a dream. Do you find it easier to screen share to help describe an issue? Perfect! Video conferencing is built right in. Need a quick answer from a teammate while on a call? Even better, you don't have to leave the system you are in because messaging is right there at your fingertips.

Inability to Scale and Grow  

Having the ability to adapt to the changing needs of both employees and customers will help you stand out in your industry. The beauty of a UCaaS solution from Gamut is the scalability built right in. You have expanded your employee search to include the entire country and have a new person starting from Alaska. With UCaaS, they download a softphone client to their computer, you send them login information, and they are off and running. There is no need for a complicated setup, and you have an employee prepared for their first day of work.  

By implementing a UCaaS solution, you are putting your customer service front and center. According to Salesforce, 80 percent of customers think customer experience should be better, considering all the data companies collect. With UCaaS, that exact pain point is solved.  

High Communication Costs

A cloud-based phone system is the way to go for any business. There are debates out there about the very few who wouldn't benefit, but those numbers are infinitesimal. So, for our purposes, a cloud-based UCaaS solution compared to an on-premise PBX will save you money. For example, you can save as much as 50 percent of ongoing costs when switching to VoIP from copper telephone lines. Instead of having subscription costs split across multiple platforms, you get one cost, which includes dynamic support.  

Poor Disaster Recovery Plan  

The truth is unforeseen events, whether natural disasters or something else, will occur. Investing in a UCaaS solution builds in hefty disaster recovery plan scenarios that will ensure your business survives anything that comes your way. With the system being cloud-based, you are making it so, for example, a car unfortunately runs into a power pole near your office and cuts off power. The system can be configured to roll instantly over to cell phones connected to the phone system. Customers are still taken care of, and employees can move to the second stage of your disaster recovery plan. Crisis adverted.

Non-existent Support

Here's an underrated aspect of UCaaS pain point solving with a cloud-based system: you get it from a managed service provider (MSP) that handles all the support and maintenance. They will proactively monitor issues coming in and out of your network, test and deploy updates to reduce downtime, assist in hardware discussions, and determine the optimal time for a replacement. This saves you from hiring or splitting your IT personnel if you have in-house IT support.  

The Communication Upgrade You Deserve with Gamut

You have many different areas of your business needing attention, but probably the most impactful is upgrading your communication infrastructure to boost productivity, which turns into customer service enhancements. The future is now, and Gamut is here to help you move in the most positive direction. Contact Gamut today to see how we can help you succeed.


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